Levis 501 : Uniform of Progess

Creative Direction for Commercial

Creative Direction of commercial for Levi’s. Britton Caillouette contacted Alex to work with Levi’s to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the 501 Jean. Britton came up with an idea for a film that looked forward by looking backward–that explored Levi’s storied past with a fresh, modern perspective. Working with catalogues of timeless black and white photography, we began to make sense of the incredible scope of Levi’s influence on our culture. The images speak for themselves, but artist and collaborator Alex Kopps gave them new life using hand-manipulated color moments to re-imagine the history.

“Since its invention 140 years ago, the 501® Jean has taken on a life of its own as a beloved icon of culture and style around the world. From old to young and punk to prep, the 501® is one of the most democratic fashion items ever created, defined by the people who wear it. This film highlights the major evolutions in design of the 501® and its influence on culture throughout the decades.” 

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